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Common Questions

How many species of saltwater fish are found in Texas?

Explore the diverse saltwater fish species of Texas waters with Circle J Charters, guided by the expertise of Captain Jon! With a rich variety of species, including redfish, black drum, and many more, Captain Jon ensures an exciting and diverse angling experience on our charters. Join us to discover the multitude of saltwater treasures waiting to be caught off the Texas Gulf Coast.

What fish are in season in Rockport Texas?

Stay tuned with Circle J Charters, led by Captain Jon, to get the latest updates on the fish in season in Rockport, Texas! Our experienced team keeps you informed about the optimal times to target specific species like redfish, black drum, and more. With Captain Jon's local insights, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of your fishing adventure in Rockport, enjoying the thrill of catching the right fish at the right time.

What fish are in Rockport?

Embark on an extraordinary fishing journey in Rockport with Circle J Charters, captained by the knowledgeable Captain Jon! From the vibrant redfish to the impressive black drum, our expert team ensures you encounter a diverse array of saltwater treasures.

A Circle J Charters Guided Fishing Trip targets the top Rockport Fish species including null. We primarily Fish the Copano Bay, Aransas Bay, Redfish Bay, Cedar Lake, Cedar Point, San Antonio Bay.